a picture says so much more twice as fast but not as direct and if a picture is worth a thousand words or so the cliché goes who gets to decide which ones matter which ones carry meaning and significance brady coffey if you have a thousand words do you need a picture but who would read them all no need for so many just one word is all it takes to change the mood power is in one set of hands one copywriter that strings together a list that seems daunting where to begin it is so long but you know where the story is going all of it is so succinct direct no question the meaning is clear the intention known desire revealed a resume or are we talking about something else so simple there is no need for a metaphor it would only obstruct the simile shining down a thousand drops of brilliance on an empty page that after all is just filled with words not poetry because there is no rhyme or meter but even benign phrases are written in measured time and yes that was intentional but so was your willingness to read it following from left to right does it have anything to do with what is being said or is it some cosmic force like the earth spinning on a clockwise axis but no that's not right because in Japan they read from right to left and that's on the other side of the world but not so far that it gets lost in translation we understand the work because the one behind it wants us to it is all so clear as a crystal stream of consciousness at two a.m. putting it all down without edits but we know that's not entirely true because every stroke every choice has purpose and is part of a plan with intentions that are easy to see just read it and you will get the message take action and make contact.